Terms & Conditions
For Employers
  • Get registered as an employer.
  • Search entire database of resume for FREE.
  • See the entire detail of candidate except their name & contact info.
  • Pay to view the name & contact info of any resume on the site.
For Job Seekers
  • Get registered as a Job seeker
  • Post your resume for free
  • We will value your resume based on your exp & current salary.
  • Get 50% of the resume price every time employer buys your contact details.
How to make the payment
a) You can pay online by debit / Credit card via CC Avenue
b) You can make offline payments also by cheque/DD.

You will have to make some deposit in advance to buy the resumes as and when required. The amount of resumes bought will be deducted from the money deposited in advance by you. You can check the balances in your account at any time.